Shakespeare’s Restaurant

Shakespeare’s Restaurant is Hamilton’s Premier steak house and dining lounge, and has served the local area with the best dining experience for over 45 years. When Shakespeare’s came to us, they wanted us to design a website that truly stood out from the rest. With that in mind, we went about implementing design principles that would go well with the ambiance of Shakespeare’s restaurant. We took high resolution photographs of their menu, their staff, and their site and looked to develop a website that truly captured the essence of Shakespeare’s. The end result is a classy looking, well structured website that captures the elegance and sophistication associated with Shakespeare’s restaurant. In addition, the website is built using the latest web technologies and developed to be responsive, which means that the website will remain in its structure and user friendly interface on any device or screen size.


Furthermore, among our objectives was taking care of the SEO (search engine optimization) for Shakespeare’s. By properly optimizing Shakespeare’s website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, they are now getting more guests because we ensured that the website is visible for those who are looking for dining or steak houses in Hamilton. The website is also hooked up to Google Analytics, which allows us to monitor the website periodically to see the pattern of visits and propose updates and changes to the business owner when needed.